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How much do families rely on tax credits?

by Julia Unwin

Reducing in-work support without increasing take-home pay first will mean low-earning families fall even further short of a decent living standard, says Julia Unwin.

What can we learn from the Households Below Average Income figures?

by Aleks Collingwood

Aleks Collingwood reflects on the what the statistics on Households Below Average Income show us - and what they don't reveal.

Four proposals on #fairerscotland

by James McCormick

We need to face up to inequalities, and find solutions, to reduce poverty in a fair way, says Jim McCormick.

#Dementiaville failed to give people with dementia a voice

by Wendy Mitchell

People with dementia have a voice. But, says blogger Wendy Mitchell, the three episodes of Dementiaville failed to show the perspective of anyone living with dementia.

What is the future of Council Tax Support?

by Tom Peters

There are two options for making Council Tax Support more sustainable and halting the growth in debts, says Tom Peters.

The housing market isn’t helping people to make ends meet. Time for Living Rents

by Brian Robson

Linking rents directly to incomes can make the housing market work, says Brian Robson.

The social mobility wars are back – who’s winning and why do we care?

by Helen Barnard

Are people from low-income families held back by ‘poshness tests’ for jobs, or is the UK doing well on social mobility? The debate is failing to address the underlying issues, says Helen Barnard.

#dementiaville – what do people living with dementia think about their care?

by Katherine Blaker

#Dementiaville’s respectful approach is welcome and significant, but the voices of people living with dementia have yet to be heard, says Katherine Blaker.

Youngest and oldest workers are increasingly worst off in the jobs market

by Claire Turner

People’s age is putting them at a disadvantage in the labour market, says Claire Turner, with changes over time creating ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’.

Cutting Child Benefit but increasing free childcare – where is the poverty test?

by Helen Barnard

Cutting the deficit while reducing poverty and improving prospects is a mighty challenge – is anyone checking policies for their impact on people in poverty? asks Helen Barnard.