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The election: an opportunity for a shared approach to tackling the high levels of poverty in this country

by Julia Unwin

We’re into the final week of the election campaign and a lot is at stake, says Julia Unwin.

We need to look at the full picture when it comes to employment rates

by Aleks Collingwood

Employment rates, work and jobs are dominating the news in the run up to the Election. The big labour market story over the last couple of years has been the rising number of people in employment. Employment rates are now at an historic high – a really positive story for families across the UK - and Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator, pointed out last week that the Coalition Government has presided over a jobs boom, with 60% of jobs being full time (and employed, not self-employed).

Wales’ new child poverty strategy will make a difference – but it still needs more clout

by Frank Soodeen

With almost a third of children in poverty, Wales’ approach to tackling poverty must leave no stone unturned, says Frank Soodeen.

What future for Universal Credit?

by Chris Goulden

Universal Credit can’t reduce poverty on its own, says Chris Goulden.

The poorer you are, the less likely you are to vote

by Alvin Carpio

With days until voter registration closes and less than three weeks until the polls open, Alvin Carpio looks at the link between poverty and voting at the 2010 General Election – and voting intentions for the 2015 General Election.

The manifestos all include ideas for reducing poverty – the next step is a comprehensive strategy

by Julia Unwin

The political parties all have ideas for tackling aspects of poverty, says Julia Unwin, but what we need is a comprehensive, long-term strategy.

Is low inflation good news for those on the lowest incomes?

by Aleks Collingwood

Inflation is at a record low, but not everyone will feel the benefits, says Aleks Collingwood.

A focus on home ownership blinds us to the real issues for UK housing

by Julia Unwin

Renting could be a firm foundation for people to get out of poverty but dealing with its issues is difficult while it is seen as the second option and the focus remains on home ownership, says Julia Unwin in a blog for Inside Housing.

Six things about how poverty affects different ethnic groups in the UK

by Helen Barnard

Helen Barnard asks: What have we learned about the economic situation for people of different ethnicities?

Local leadership on the Living Wage is an important step in tackling in-work poverty

by Josh Stott

As six Yorkshire councils commit to paying the Living Wage, Josh Stott looks at the positive impact this could have in the region.