Big Society

Big Society: How can older people with high support needs contribute?

by Philly Hare

David Cameron envisages the Big Society as one where people 'feel both free and powerful enough to help themselves and their own communities'. That sounds very appealing, both in its emphasis on empowerment and self-help, and in its potential for cost savings in this time of public spending cuts …

Fairness for poorer neighbourhoods – just courage

by Alison Jarvis

I doubt whether 'timidity' or 'reticence' are the first words on the lips of many people who have followed the coalition government’s announcements since the general election. Simplification of the benefits system is a case in point. On localism  too, where the level of ambition and action so far could not really be described as timid.

State funding is vital for a Big Society to thrive

by Nancy Kelley

This week, we’ve heard more detail about the Coalition Government plans for 'Big Society'. While the schemes announced may be new ones, the ideas and philosophy behind them aren’t new at all.

Why looking back could be the best way of looking forward

by Julian Dobson

A backdrop of global upheaval set the scene for a series of seminars on community assets (PDF, 210KB). Julian Dobson reports from the launch event.

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