Three ways to reduce inequality in Britain

by Tim Harford

Growing inequality will only be tackled if we change the way wealth is generated, regulated and redistributed, says Tim Harford, a Financial Times columnist and author of The Undercover Economist Strikes Back.

The #indyref debate on housing in Scotland needs to go beyond the so-called ‘bedroom tax’

by Hannah Aldridge

With less than six months until the independence vote, Scotland needs to decide how it will house its poorest families.

Evidence alone won't bring about social change

by Claire Ainsley

When it comes to social change, we have a wealth of inspiring evidence. But, says Claire Ainsley, there are other ingredients needed to get the recipe right.

Poorest face a council tax bill increase five times the average

by Sabrina Bushe

Poorer families are facing year-on-year cuts in the safety net following changes to Council Tax Support, says Sabrina Bushe.

Yes, you're better off working than on benefits – but it's not enough to reduce poverty

by Chris Goulden

'People are better off on benefits than working' is one of the most persistent myths about poverty in the UK. Chris Goulden explains why this simply isn't true - and why it misses the point anyway.

We must ensure everyone benefits from our economic recovery

by Julia Unwin

Harnessing the growing economy and new powers for cities brings a unique opportunity to reduce poverty, says Julia Unwin.

Economic growth in cities doesn’t automatically reduce poverty – this needs to change

by Paul Sissons

Opportunities are emerging for city policy-makers to influence changes in wages, skills funding and the cost of living, says Dr Paul Sissons of the Work Foundation.

How childcare can reduce poverty in Scotland after the independence referendum

by James McCormick

With the independence referendum in Scotland approaching, Jim McCormick says both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigns can reduce child poverty by boosting the country’s childcare provision.

For young adults the price of independence has never been higher

by Donald Hirsch

One in four young adults living alone now survives on less than half of what they need - less than £12 per day, says Donald Hirsch.

Why it’s too soon to claim credit for improving living standards

by Katie Schmuecker

With almost a million more households living on less than what they need since the downturn, a lot of ground has to made up to help on the cost of living, says Katie Schmuecker.

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