Ignoring persistent poverty is no way to build a thriving economy

by Julia Unwin

Enduring poverty is becoming a permanent feature of the UK economy – and that’s dangerous for us all, says Julia Unwin.

Playing the media’s ‘poke fun at people in poverty’ game gets us nowhere

by Abigail Scott Paul

Instead of trying to poke fun, lay blame and stigmatise people in poverty, let’s have a more constructive debate in the media, says Abigail Scott Paul.

The NHS: reducing poverty is the key to easing pressure on health services

by Helen Barnard

To improve health, we need a joined-up approach to reduce poverty, says Helen Barnard.

By ducking the childcare challenge, the Smith Commission falls short on poverty reduction

by James McCormick

Will further devolution help to reduce poverty in Scotland? Jim McCormick examines the Smith report to find out.

Want to raise living standards? Pay the Living Wage if you mean business

by Katie Schmuecker

CBI proposals to improve living standards for low-income families are welcome, says Katie Schmuecker - but could employers be doing more?

A credible plan to tackle poverty must go beyond election-friendly headlines

by Helen Barnard

Alan Milburn this week warned that the parties were failing to address poverty. With poverty on the political agenda, Helen Barnard assesses where their plans need to go further.

It’s time to rethink how we approach poverty in this country

by Chris Goulden

Poverty costs us all – but with the right plan we can do something about it, says Chris Goulden.

#indyref provides Scotland a once in a generation opportunity to tackle poverty

by Julia Unwin

Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s independence referendum vote, Scotland must get to grips with high levels of poverty in the country, says Julia Unwin.

Council tax arrears rise fastest where support is cut most

by Sabrina Bushe

Fifteen months after Council Tax Support was localised, new figures show that arrears have increased by 20 per cent.

What today’s Households Below Average Incomes (HBAI) report doesn’t say

by Sanne Velthuis

The worst may be yet to come for UK households in poverty – only a comprehensive strategy can close the gap between their needs and resources.

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