#indyref provides Scotland a once in a generation opportunity to tackle poverty

by Julia Unwin

Whatever the outcome of Thursday’s independence referendum vote, Scotland must get to grips with high levels of poverty in the country, says Julia Unwin.

Council tax arrears rise fastest where support is cut most

by Sabrina Bushe

Fifteen months after Council Tax Support was localised, new figures show that arrears have increased by 20 per cent.

What today’s Households Below Average Incomes (HBAI) report doesn’t say

by Sanne Velthuis

The worst may be yet to come for UK households in poverty – only a comprehensive strategy can close the gap between their needs and resources.

The Living Wage is central to addressing in-work poverty

by Katie Schmuecker

Setting a Living Wage target should give government a little more focus, drive and leadership, says Katie Schmuecker.

Revealed: 8 things the public thinks about UK poverty

by Helen Barnard

The latest British Social Attitudes survey shows how important the public think it is to tackle poverty, says Helen Barnard.

£11 billion tax giveaway misses those needing help the most

by Chris Goulden

Higher wages and targeted support are the best way to ensure the worst-off people benefit from recovery, says Chris Goulden.

Breadline Kids – families in dire need of a real Child Poverty Strategy

by Helen Barnard

By 2020 there will be 3.5 million children in poverty in the UK. We need a credible plan to do something about it, says Helen Barnard.

New report fails to highlight most important fact about poverty and ethnicity

by Helen Barnard

What’s the most important fact about ethnicity in the UK? There’s higher poverty among all ethnic minority groups than among White British people, says Helen Barnard.

Three steps Scotland can take to close the attainment gap between rich and poor children

by Sue Ellis

The Scottish Government, local authorities and schools must act fast to give Scotland’s poorer children better life chances, say Sue Ellis and Edward Sosu.

How employers can reduce poverty among their workforce

by Katie Schmuecker

Employers have an important part to play in reducing the UK’s huge problem with in-work poverty, says Katie Schmuecker – and zero-hours contracts are only part of that problem.

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