The Spirit of ’45: it’s essential we learn from the past

by Julia Unwin

Ken Loach’s film highlights the risks of not learning lessons from the past. Speaking at the Festival of Ideas today, Julia Unwin discusses what Beveridge would say now.

Austerity measures threatening community resilience in Wales

by Michael Trickey

It will take a co-ordinated response from Government departments and local authorities to tackle poverty in Wales, says Michael Trickey.

#BeveridgeRebooted: why we need a new deal for the mistrusted welfare system

by Julia Unwin

A New Statesman essay suggests welfare reform could damage the UK’s economic prospects. We need a new welfare system that fits the modern needs of both the economy and society, says Julia Unwin.

#Antipoverty debate needs to be conducted with the right language

by Tony Stoller

The debate around poverty has been hijacked by provocative rhetoric. This is dangerous, argues Tony Stoller, because the right words are needed to overcome hardship.

Recession pushes more young single people below minimum income standard

by Katie Schmuecker

Living standards are being squeezed – and single people without children are the group to be worried about, says Katie Schmuecker.

Benefits Cap: a lack of jobs undermines the benefits of welfare reform

by Helen Barnard

The benefits cap means some people may be motivated to find work – but finding a job in the first place is the problem, says Helen Barnard.

Rising child poverty rates would displease Margaret Thatcher

by Chris Goulden

'Absolute' child and pensioner poverty fell between 1979 and 1996, but that trend faces a dramatic reversal, says Chris Goulden.

Council Tax Benefit Reform Creates Postcode Lottery for Poorest

by Sabrina Bushe

From Monday new local schemes for council tax support come into force. Sabrina Bushe argues the changes create a postcode lottery, with more than two million poor families paying the price. 

When a housing bubble bursts, we face human tragedy and an economic nightmare

by Julia Unwin

Budget 2013 sought to boost the economy and housing market. But as Julia Unwin argues, the lack of measures to increase supply and improve safety nets could repeat mistakes from the past.

Personal tragedies tell story of policy failures in Northern Ireland

by Quintin Oliver

'Real people' are the symbols of collective failure to tackle poverty, says Quintin Oliver.

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