What can housing providers do to help those most at risk of debt during welfare reform?

by Jacquie Dale

Household debt can affect a wide range of households, and the situation is becoming more complex, says Jacquie Dale.

Comprehensive Spending Review: tackling poverty is about more than just spending

by Gordon Hector

Next week is the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). Gordon Hector outlines JRF’s thinking on the CSR, public spending and poverty.

If minority ethnic people do better at school, why are they paid less in work?

by Helen Barnard

Despite their success in education, people from minority ethnic groups are still disadvantaged in the labour market, says Helen Barnard.

Is age becoming as important as social class in determining poverty?

by Claire Turner

Age and social class both matter when it comes to poverty, says Claire Turner, as she looks at trends from the latest poverty statistics.

The poor are still paying more for basic utilities and financial services

by Katie Schmuecker

Payment structures and price plans in utilities and financial services continue to inflict higher costs on the poorest in society. Regulators and the government need to do more, says Katie Schmuecker. 

300,000 more children in absolute poverty than last year - and it's likely to get worse

by Conor D'Arcy

Child poverty has risen and looks set to keep rising. What else can we learn from the latest poverty figures? Conor Darcy highlights the key trends.

Improving residents' lives during welfare reform changes

by Dave Potter

Welfare reform presents a huge challenge for social housing providers, but JRHT is working to help its residents, says Dave Potter.

Talk of 'men deserts' doesn't help families or break down gender stereotyping at work

by Helen Barnard

Conflating marriage with family structure – and both with addressing poverty – is common but unhelpful, argues Helen Barnard.

Welfare reform - a political battle that affects millions of people

by Katie Schmuecker

Welfare will be at the heart of political battles in the run up to the 2015 general election, says Katie Schmuecker. But whose interpretation is right?

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