Traditional breadwinner couples the largest group in poverty in low-pay Britain

by Katie Schmuecker

The largest group experiencing poverty in the UK is the traditional family model of one parent working and the other caring for children – an inconvenient truth for politicians, says Katie Schmuecker.

Paying the Living Wage is just one step towards becoming an anti-poverty employer

by Katie Schmuecker

Improving pay is vital but jobs that are low-skilled, insecure or lack progression opportunities also perpetuate in-work poverty, says Katie Schmuecker.

People need better support to exploit their social networks to advance their prospects

by Angus McCabe

Social networks can protect people from the worst of poverty but can also perpetuate inequalities, warns Angus McCabe, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham.

Local authorities can use existing tools more effectively to tackle poverty

by Matthew Jackson

At a time of austerity, can local leaders do more to tackle poverty with their existing processes, budgets and services? Matthew Jackson looks at the options.

Skills policy in Scotland must address in-work poverty and equal opportunities

by Gina Netto

Informal workplace cultures in large organisations contribute to poverty traps among low-paid workers. Possessing high levels of skills does not guarantee well-paid employment. In recent years, skills policy in Scotland has recognised that it is not only important to continue to develop skills in the workforce, but to ensure that skills are effectively used.

Five ways employers can support vital career progression among low-paid workers

by Helen Barnard

More than half of poverty exists among households where at least one person is already working. Low pay is part of the problem but poor quality part-time work and self employment are big issues as well, says Helen Barnard.

Our good record on housing is threatened by more than just the spare room subsidy

by Kathleen Kelly

We need to tackle wider failures in UK housing to ensure people in poverty can access good quality housing, says Kathleen Kelly

Focusing on extreme cases won’t help us bridge the rich/poor education attainment gap

by Helen Barnard

Sensationalist stories of neglectful parents make for good headlines but they have little to do with the reality of closing the education attainment gap, warns Helen Barnard.

Supporting vulnerable people back into society requires time, patience and commitment, not punitive measures

by Abigail Scott Paul

Abigail Scott Paul reveals how benefits changes are affecting people on the front line of poverty in the North East.

Crisis in living standards for families as costs soar above incomes

by Katie Schmuecker

As the summer holiday stretches family budgets even further, new research shows the cost of raising a child.

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