Our good record on housing is threatened by more than just the spare room subsidy

by Kathleen Kelly

We need to tackle wider failures in UK housing to ensure people in poverty can access good quality housing, says Kathleen Kelly

Focusing on extreme cases won’t help us bridge the rich/poor education attainment gap

by Helen Barnard

Sensationalist stories of neglectful parents make for good headlines but they have little to do with the reality of closing the education attainment gap, warns Helen Barnard.

Supporting vulnerable people back into society requires time, patience and commitment, not punitive measures

by Abigail Scott Paul

Abigail Scott Paul reveals how benefits changes are affecting people on the front line of poverty in the North East.

Crisis in living standards for families as costs soar above incomes

by Katie Schmuecker

As the summer holiday stretches family budgets even further, new research shows the cost of raising a child.

Sanctions: hitting the most vulnerable

by Abigail Scott Paul

With hardening attitudes towards people on benefits and a tougher welfare regime, thank goodness for organisations like The Cyrenians, says Abigail Scott Paul.

Government childcare proposals will miss out most working recipients of Universal Credit

by Katie Schmuecker

Government plans to help pay for childcare leave almost a million working poor families missing out, says Katie Schmuecker.

Younger generations lose out in pension reforms

by Aleks Collingwood

Employees in their twenties and thirties lose out in single-tier pension reforms, says Aleks Collingwood.

Does Universal Credit make work pay?

by Donald Hirsch

Making work pay is trickier than it sounds, says Donald Hirsch.

Delivering the Pupil Premium

by Helen Barnard

We have confirmation of the importance of the Pupil Premium, but better support is needed to make sure it delivers, say Helen Barnard.

The worst five years for struggling families

by Donald Hirsch

A decade of progress in reducing family deprivation is being steadily unwound, says Donald Hirsch.

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