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How to build the economy of the future

Diane Coyle

15 March 2012

How can we build the economy of the future?

This lecture was presented by Diane Coyle OBE, economist and author, on 27 February 2012. She explores how, since the onset of the financial crisis, which seems to defy all attempts to bring it to an end, a growing number of people have begun to question an economic system that has benefited only the rich minority. The trends which have brought about the present instability and inequality are technological and political, as well as financial, and have deep roots. To address them will require substantial institutional reform, on a scale not seen since Victorian times.

This was the fifth Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lecture, delivered at the University of York on 27 February 2012. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lecture is an annual public lecture aimed at significantly advancing research and public understanding in the areas of welfare, poverty and social justice. The lecture is co-hosted by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the University of York's School of Politics, Economics and Philosophy.

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