Anti-poverty strategies for the UK

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JRF wants to reduce poverty in the UK and to achieve political consensus on how to do this

The UK has had several anti-poverty strategies in recent years, often focusing on particular groups, like children or pensioners, or with a specific geographic scope. We will produce the first evidenced anti-poverty strategy for all age groups and each UK nation.

We are asking:

  • What measures of poverty should be used?

  • What would a UK without poverty look like?

  • What are the underlying drivers of poverty?

  • What impact do different interventions have on poverty?

  • How much do these interventions cost and how do they interact?

To help answer these questions, we have commissioned several reviews of existing research and policy to assess what works best to reduce poverty across areas such as employment, education, taxes and benefits, families and relationships, and the cost of living.

We have also asked leading thinkers to consider how best to reduce poverty in the UK. Throughout we will work with our task group of poverty experts and a diverse programme advisory group.

This programme supports – and is informed by – JRF’s ambitions to be an anti-poverty employer, landlord and communicator.

The strategy for the UK will be published at the end of 2015, with specific activity for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland to follow in 2016.


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