Housing and Poverty

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How are housing and poverty linked, and how can the supply of affordable housing be improved?

Read our latest report on the UK housing market in 2040.

The UK housing system has largely broken the link between poverty and bad housing conditions, but in a challenging policy context we want to make sure the needs of the poorest people are not forgotten.

Our work on the relationship between housing and poverty explores practical ways of easing the housing crisis for people in or at risk of poverty.

Between now and 2017 we are working with the Housing Studies Charitable Trust (HSCT) and the National Housing Federation (NHF) on three strands of research and practice:

  • housing and poverty throughout people’s lives (with HSCT) – finding out how people's housing circumstances relate to their experience and risk of poverty;

  • creating a new development framework for affordable housing supply (with NHF) that will include housing for those in greatest need.

  • extreme housing exclusion – exploring ways of providing housing for migrants, refugees or others in or at risk of exploitative work and/or extreme housing exclusion (e.g. homelessness or destitution).

This research also feeds into our anti-poverty strategies for the UK.

Also see our work on young people and housing.


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