Monitoring poverty and social exclusion

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Latest: The changing picture of poverty in Scotland

The annual Monitoring poverty and social exclusion report by the New Policy Institute (NPI) gives a comprehensive picture of poverty in the UK. It features independent analysis of a range of indicators, including low income, unemployment, low pay, homelessness and ill health.

Some of the key trends from this year’s report are shown in a set of infographics.

Want to know what the public think about poverty in the UK and how it should be tackled? Watch this animation.


Peter Kenway, Sabrina Bushe, Adam Tinson and Theo Barry Born
Tom MacInnes et al
A team at the New Policy Institute
Tom MacInnes, Hannah Aldridge, Sabrina Bushe, Peter Kenway and Adam Tinson
A team at the New Policy Institute
Hannah Aldridge, Peter Kenway and Tom MacInnes

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