Poverty and Ethnicity

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How does ethnicity influence poverty?

People from ethnic minority groups experience much higher levels of poverty than people from the majority white population. However, the link between poverty and ethnicity is complex, and the relationship is not yet well understood.

This programme looks at the underlying reasons for variations in low income and deprivation among different ethnic groups in the UK and the problems it causes. It also suggests ways to tackle poverty across all ethnicities more effectively.

The first phase included seven projects looking at how poverty is affected by employer practices, caring for family, social networks and local labour markets, as well as policies in Wales and Northern Ireland.  

For the second phase, we have published five projects examining poverty through the recession, occupational and residential segregation, social networks and employment projections for 2020

For more information about the programme, launched in 2011, read our investigations summary

How poverty affects different ethnic groups in the UK

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