Ageing society

Our Work - Ageing Society

Our aim: To respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing society.

By 2020, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) predicts that people over 50 will make up almost one-third (32%) of the workforce and almost half (47%) the adult population.

This requires us to think differently about ageing. The implications of an ageing society affect all of us, across generations and will touch every part of our lives. Our ageing society provides opportunities as well as challenges for individuals, families, communities, employers and government.

We’re working to understand how these demographic changes will affect the way we live together, work together and support each other, whatever our age. We use evidence from research, practice and lived experience to develop practical solutions and inspiring ideas that show how people and communities – now – are responding to ageing and old age. Much of our current work is local, practical and  neighbourhood-based.

We’re focusing on five themes:

  • Work and poverty – this year we launch new work aiming to understand the impact of an ageing workforce and longer working lives across generations, more particularly those at the bottom of the labour market. Our work on living standards and poverty in later life continues in 2014, looking to understand the likely incomes and circumstances of future generations of older people
  • Risk and relationships – we’re exploring how risks and relationships are best managed in care homes and investigating risk and trust in everyday relationships where families, friends and neighbours might be part of an informal network of care and support.
  • Dementia - through our Dementia Without Walls work we are working in partnership to develop dementia-friendly communities in York and Bradford and to influence dementia-friendly communities across the UK. We are also on our way to becoming a dementia-friendly organisation and employer. 
  • Loneliness – following our neighbourhood approaches to loneliness in four neighbourhoods across Bradford and York, this year we will focus on sharing the learning from this work to influence others to invest in this type of approach in their communities  
  • Quality of life – we’re working in partnership to put the findings from our research into a good quality of life in older age into practice. 

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