Our Work - Place

Our aim: To support resilient communities and places where people thrive.

Communities across the UK are feeling the effects of austerity measures, while demographic change and climate change add to the risk that disadvantaged people and places will suffer the most. We continue to look at how social, economic, environmental and policy changes affect housing, neighbourhoods and different places in the UK. We are focusing on four themes:

  • Housing –  exploring the relationship between housing and poverty to identify effective housing solutions for people living in poverty; and how we can tackle volatility in the housing market; 
  • Cities, growth and poverty – how economic growth in cities could benefit people in poverty;
  • Climate change and communities – how communities in the UK can improve their resilience and responses to the effects of climate change, such as flooding, heatwaves and energy efficiency;
  • Deprived communities and neighbourhoods – how communities are coping with the cuts; and how poverty can be addressed at the local level.

At Derwenthorpe, our mixed-tenure development on the edge of York, we are working with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust to research and demonstrate how a socially and environmentally sustainable community can work in practice.

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