Housing with care for older people

Housing with care for older people

Is housing with care the way forward for older people?


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Exploring the experience of older people living in housing with care.


Continued investment in models of housing with care for older people reflect high expectations of the outcomes they can achieve - the promotion of independence and privacy, reduction of social isolation, improvement in quality of life and a flexible provision of care and support that can be a viable alternative to residential care. 

These issues are hugely relevant to JRHT, with housing with care schemes in Hartlepool, Scarborough, and Hartrigg Oaks in York, the first continuing care retirement community in the UK from the late 1990's. Housing with care has also been an important area of research for JRF since then.

Earlier Work

Earlier research focused on Hartrigg Oaks and explored aspects of the wider context, including a comparison of different models, the promotion of social well-being and the costs and outcomes of moving into an extra care housing scheme.

JRF also funded a review of extra care housing and people with dementia, an evaluation of developing Hartfields (JRHT retirement village in Hartlepool)  and a study of social well-being in a number of new extra care schemes and villages.

New Research

A new programme of work on housing with care was completed at the end of 2012, under the overall framework of 'A Better Life', with a particular focus on older people who have, or are developing, high support needs. As part of this, we commissioned:

What next

We will work with partners to promote the evidence and recommendations throughout 2013.

We will also work with JRHT to use the new research to improve the housing offer for older people.

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