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A national study of people over 50 living with HIV

This study by Terrence Higgins Trust and Age UK investigated the needs and concerns of older adults living with HIV.

Written by:
Lisa Power et al.
Date published:

The over-50s are the fastest-growing group of people with HIV in the UK, yet until recently, older adults living with HIV have received little attention within social research and HIV services. The report, published in September, looked at how improved treatments are allowing people with HIV in the UK to live longer into later life, revealing that there are high levels of uncertainty about future health and care. It found that:

  • Respondents feared that social care services, care homes and sheltered housing might be HIV prejudiced or homophobic.
  • While most thought highly of their HIV clinicians, many reported poor experiences in primary care.
  • Respondents' highest future priority was for good quality health and treatment information.