The JRF/JRHT run an annual paid internship scheme. Graduates gain high quality work experience on meaningful projects or tasks that benefit the organisation.

What is a JRF/JRHT internship?

This year JRF/JRHT are running a six month paid internship scheme. The programme is designed to tap into graduates’ knowledge and fresh ideas, and for interns to gain an interesting and useful introduction to the workplace which will help their future employment prospects.

This year we had six placements offering a range of experiences across JRF, JRHT and our enabling functions.

Applications are now closed for our 2019 Internship scheme, but look out for our 2020 scheme next year.

Intern Experience Blog

Anna Holman, Project Management Office Analyst and former Intern shares her experience:

After I graduated from university with a Politics degree, I was unsure of what path to take. The JRF Internship offered me an amazing opportunity to experience diverse jobs within an organisation committed to social change.

My project was based in the Project Management Office, investigating how to demonstrate JRF/JRHT’s impact using qualitative data. My project gave me the flexibility to work with people from across the organisation as well as develop my work-based skills. I worked alone and collaboratively: facilitating group workshops, presenting at and chairing meetings, and interviewing staff for an internal research project.

Most unique of all was the opportunity to learn from different departments. I attended ‘Show and Tell’ sessions on JRF’s new ways of working; toured and met staff from JRHT’s amazing affordable retirement village in Hartlepool; and took part and led activities in JRHT’s Community ‘Open Shop’. These are just a few of the interesting experiences that I was privileged to be involved in. It was great to work with staff who are so passionate about what they do and keen to empower others to also make a difference.

What our 2018 interns had to say

"JRF and JRHT are very diverse in the work they do and people they employ. This means there is a great variety of opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. I felt very welcome from the start which made it very easy to settle into my role. It has been challenging and rewarding, and has led me to be more confident in the work I do."

"This was great opportunity to be involved with an outstanding organisation. I have valued the opportunity to work with staff and volunteers that are motivated by a desire for social change, evidence-based policies and community led initiatives."

"My role and work has led me to meet people and make connections inside and outside the organisation. I am sure this has opened more doors as far as career progression and opened my eyes to the varied possibilities of career progression."

"I think it has given me good experience in a variety of professional skills."