Brian Robson

To solve homelessness, we need Housing First

25th Aug 2016
Ashwin Kumar

We need the Northern Powerhouse to thrive - but ensure everyone benefits from its economic growth

31st Jul 2016
Claire Ainsley

Worst-off people and places cannot now be ignored

27th Jun 2016
Mike Hawking

How Local Authorities could use infrastructure projects to help people into work

1st Jun 2016
Tom Peters

A memo to John Swinney

26th May 2016
Dave Innes

City leaders must ensure the proceeds of growth are shared by everyone living in their regions

20th May 2016
Helen Barnard

Persistent poverty: the UK needs to get better at preventing people falling back into poverty

16th May 2016
Alvin Carpio

Memo for the new Mayor of London: four things to reduce poverty

9th May 2016
Helen Barnard

1.25 million people can’t afford to eat, keep clean and stay warm and dry

29th Apr 2016
Helen Barnard

How can we boost the life chances of children?

18th Apr 2016
Abigail Scott-Paul

Talking about poverty - time to rethink our approach?

14th Apr 2016
Chris Goulden

Memo for the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions: five things he can do to reduce poverty

1st Apr 2016
Helen Barnard

The National Living Wage is welcome, but it won’t solve in work poverty alone

31st Mar 2016
Mike Hawking

Budget 2016: Four Northern Powerhouse announcements you might have missed

17th Mar 2016
Claire Shanks, public affairs analyst at Stratagem in Northern Ireland

Six ways the Executive can lead Northern Ireland to a fresh start

15th Mar 2016
Julia Unwin

How the Rowntrees could cure George Osborne’s productivity problem in the Budget

15th Mar 2016