Bruze Katz

US lessons for UK metro mayors

13th Feb 2017
Brian Robson

Renting’s back on the housing agenda – now let’s talk about rents

8th Feb 2017
Helen Barnard

Metro Mayors can transform the prospects of Britain’s young people

27th Jan 2017
Josh Stott

How can cities deliver more inclusive growth?

18th Jan 2017
Helen Barnard

Poverty can be solved - we need better solutions to today’s problems

13th Jan 2017
Josh Stott

What is inclusive growth and why does it matter?

12th Jan 2017
Katie Schmuecker

Acting on unfair poverty premiums must be a 2017 priority

4th Jan 2017
Dr. Jim McCormick

Three ways the Scottish Budget can tackle poverty

19th Dec 2016

Why politicians must listen to people on low incomes

15th Dec 2016
Ashwin Kumar

The Autumn Statement - higher prices and lower earnings

25th Nov 2016
Helen Barnard

Four ways the Autumn Statement could help those who are just about managing

22nd Nov 2016
Chris Goulden

There can be no social mobility without more affordable housing

17th Nov 2016
Brian Robson

Homelessness after Cathy: better prevention, effective solutions

16th Nov 2016
Abigail Scott Paul

Is I, Daniel Blake the best way to argue for tackling UK poverty?

9th Nov 2016
Louise Woodruff

What next for England’s troubled families?

19th Oct 2016
Helen Barnard

Social mobility hotspots - a Britain that works for all

4th Oct 2016