The tax credit reversal is great news – but Universal Credit is what matters

26th Nov 2015
Tower block

How to make Right to Buy work for those in poverty

24th Nov 2015
Portrait of Julia Unwin CBE

Markets are failing the poorest. It’s time to act.

12th Nov 2015
Portrait of Julia Unwin CBE

Tax Credits can't be reduced in isolation - we need to tackle the drivers of poverty too

5th Nov 2015
Portrait of Louise Woodruff

Beyond pay: building on the success of the Living Wage

3rd Nov 2015

We all share responsibility for eradicating poverty

27th Oct 2015

A ‘Northern Powerhouse’ must fuel more jobs and better jobs

27th Oct 2015

National Living Wage and Care Homes: How do we value care workers and ensure high-quality care?

26th Oct 2015
Headshot of John Kennedy

Why you should be worried about the future of care homes

20th Oct 2015
Helen Barnard

Grammar schools – do they really help social mobility?

19th Oct 2015
Helen Barnard

An ‘all-out assault on poverty’ requires real action on inequalities in youth unemployment

15th Oct 2015
Portrait of Katie Schmuecker

Prices might be falling, but the gains to household incomes are fragile

14th Oct 2015
Young man walking past a Jobcentre

The rise (and fall) of never-worked households

24th Sep 2015
Portrait of John Hocking

How can social landlords help to tackle poverty?

17th Sep 2015
Portrait of Aleks Collingwood

In-work poverty is keeping poverty rates in Wales high

10th Sep 2015
Helen Barnard

Is 30 hours of free childcare worth fighting for?

9th Sep 2015