New Year's resolutions for 2014 - based on JRF research

How can you make a difference in 2014? Charlotte Morris has some suggestions.

Happy New Year. If you are short of ideas for your New Year's resolution, you could do worse than picking one of these:

  • Do something about loneliness in your neighbourhood Almost half of all adults in England say they experience feelings of loneliness, according to a BBC poll. Our loneliness team produced a Let’s talk about loneliness resource pack in November which is full of ideas and ways you can help prevent loneliness in your community. 
  • Help older people live better lives The number of older people with high support needs is growing, but their voices are seldom heard and their lives too often defined in terms of needs and services. We have produced a book, A Better Life: Valuing our later years, which sets seven challenges for people and organisations trying to improve older people’s quality of life. See if you can adopt them all in 2014. 
  • Attend the inaugural JRF anti-poverty lecture In partnership with Prospect magazine, we are hosting a lecture by leading economist Amartya Sen at LSE this month. Come along and listen to Poverty and the tolerance of the intolerable on 22 January. 
  • Follow John Kennedy’s investigation into care homes Our Director of Care Services, John Kennedy, is conducting a year-long investigation into how approaches to risk in care homes can support good relationships and quality of life.