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Brownfield residential redevelopment in England

What changes have brownfield housing developments brought to the most deprived neighbourhoods in England?

Written by:
Cecilia Wong and Andreas Schulze-Bäing
Date published:

Government policy has emphasised the importance of regenerating towns and cities and delivering new housing supply by focusing on recycling previously developed (brownfield) land. The aim of this study is to examine the extent of brownfield regeneration through the delivery of new housing development and its effects on housing and socio-economic change across the most deprived neighbourhoods in England.

The report examines

  • the trends and spatial patterns of brownfield land reuse for housing development across different English regions, including the reuse of more problematic vacant and derelict land;
  • the differing patterns of brownfield residential development in four different types of deprived neighbourhood;
  • how policy has affected these neighbourhoods' changing housing market conditions, population growth, and relative economic deprivation.