Can social lettings agencies improve the private rented sector for people in poverty and housing need?

JRF and the Nationwide Foundation want to understand what social lettings agencies can do for access, affordability, quality and stability within the private rented sector.

Key information

Status: Open

Deadline: 23.59 23 August 2017 

Timescale: 9 months starting 18 September 2017, or earlier as negotiated.

Budget: Up to £80k (including VAT and expenses) for one project only

Further information

The aim of this project is to improve the English private rented sector as a source of accommodation for people in poverty or housing need by understanding the current scale and scope of social lettings agencies (SLAs) in England, their impact on the lives of vulnerable people in the PRS, and under what conditions SLAs can be successful and sustainable.

This work should be seen in the context of both funders’ existing activity. In particular, bidders should familiarise themselves with Nationwide Foundation’s Transforming the Private Rented Sector and Nurturing Ideas to Change the Housing System programmes and JRF’s September 2016 Plan to Solve UK Poverty and wider programme on Housing and Poverty (see Appendix A).

The project is intended to influence housing investment, policy and practice. We see the audience for the research as being those in a position to support or promote social lettings agencies (new and existing) through funding, investment, or changes in policy or practice. The primary audiences are therefore threefold:

  • Charities, foundations and social investors who are, or may consider in future, supporting or operating social lettings agencies.
  • City-region and local government within England.
  • Central Government, primarily the Department for Communities and Local Government.