Abigail Scott Paul

Abigail Scott Paul

Deputy Director of Advocacy and Public Engagement

Abigail is passionate about collaborating with others in winning hearts and minds to solve poverty in the UK.

She is working alongside poverty activists and campaigners, content creators, cultural partners and the media to drive JRF's strategy and tell a new story about people in poverty. It is one that can boost public understanding, shift negative attitudes and build support for action.

She is a framing advocate having led JRF's award-winning Talking about Poverty work. She is passionate about the role of authentic storytelling for systems change, and recently collaborated with Sean McAllister on the critically acclaimed documentary A Northern Soul.

Other collaborations include working with Jillian Edelstein and Stephen Armstrong developing the project Picture Britain: Our People, Our Poverty which produced a photography exhibition and accompanying book, using culture to help people find common ground around the issue of poverty in the UK. She is a true believer in using data and insight to inform the way JRF communicates with public audiences.

Contact details

Twitter: @abigailspaul