Danny Wright

Daniel Wright

Head of News and Planning

Daniel is Head of News and Planning for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.

He is responsible for ensuring the press office provides an effective, 24/7 service to journalists and that poverty remains high up on the news and political agenda.  

Prior to taking up the role, Daniel worked for the leading think-tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR). He was responsible for external affairs at IPPR North, the only think-tank based outside of Westminster, before he was promoted to lead IPPR’s national media relations team and helped launch IPPR Scotland, the new cross-party think-tank for the country.

Previously, Daniel was a sports journalist for national websites and agencies, and also worked in local journalism as a news reporter. He re-joined JRF in January 2016 to head up the organisation’s media operation, having previously worked for JRF/JRHT for three years as a Senior Press Officer.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @danny_wright

Telephone: 01904 752932

Mobile: 07800 615105