Julia Unwin CBE

Julia Unwin CBE

Former Chief Executive

Julia was Chief Executive of JRF and JRHT from 2007 to 2016.

Julia oversaw the development of JRF’s comprehensive strategy to solve UK poverty – the organisation’s largest programme to date.

During her time at JRF and JRHT, she developed and implemented a clear and compelling strategic direction for the organisations; modernised and renewed internal governance and management; and led JRF to adopt a four-nation outlook, establishing a strong presence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Under Julia’s leadership, JRHT developed a new mixed-income community in York of environmentally friendly housing. Other highlights include JRF and JRHT’s influential work on loneliness and the implications of an ageing society, particularly dementia, and writing the book Why Fight Poverty?

Julia’s current roles include:

  • chairing an inquiry about the future of civil society in England
  • holding a two-year Carnegie Fellowship to look at kindness and more relational approaches in public policy
  • non-executive director roles for Yorkshire Water and for Mears Group PLC
  • being a trustee of the Dartington Hall Trust.