Julian Dobson

Julian Dobson

Julian's aim is to be an urban pollinator: to share ideas about improving towns and cities, and to see what grows.

He does that by writing, facilitating conversations, speaking and listening, researching and explaining, connecting and encouraging.

He is a writer, editor, facilitator and consultant specialising in regeneration and sustainable communities - how to make the places we live in better and enable the people who live there to create better lives for themselves.

Julian was the founding editor of New Start magazine in 1999 and am currently editorial director. He was editor of Inside Housing magazine from 1993 to 1998 and previously specialised in healthcare (the Health Service Journal), social housing and trade unions, having served an apprenticeship on local papers in Kent and South Wales.

Through NS+ Julian helps people and organisations share learning and good practice, communicate in language people of all backgrounds can understand, manage editorial and communications projects - and much more!

He is a Fellow of the RSA and a voluntary board member at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies.

You can keep up with Julian at http://twitter.com/juliandobson