Child poverty rate by family type and parent work status

22nd Mar 2017

Children in families of many types and work statuses are facing a greater risk of being in poverty than they did


Source: Households Below Average Income (HBAI), Department for Work and Pensions, UK, 2017

Children in lone parent families have all seen an increase in their risk of poverty since 2010/11. For example, a child with a lone parent working full-time is now around a third more likely to be in poverty now than they would have been in 2010/11. Being at a greater risk of poverty is the same situation for children living with a couple of adults, with only children with one or more self-employed parent, or both parents not in work having less, or equal chance of being in poverty now than in 2010/11.

Poverty is measured as the proportion of children living in households with an after housing costs income below 60% of the contemporary median household income.