Employment among disabled people

The employment rate for disabled people is 30 percentage points below the non-disabled rate. It is highest in England and lowest in Northern Ireland.

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Link to source: Labour market status of disabled people

The employment rate among 16- to 64-year-old disabled people has gradually increased over the past two decades. However, the rate is still more than 30 percentage points lower than the equivalent rate for non-disabled people and fewer than half of working-age disabled people are in employment.

Changes to the survey means that there are three distinct periods within which rates are not directly comparable with those in other periods. 

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Link to source: Labour Force Survey

The employment rate among disabled people in the UK ranges from 35% in Northern Ireland to 50% in England. The rates have increased in all parts of the UK since 1998/99 but in the most recent period the change has been smallest in Scotland.