Family work status and poverty

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Over the last 15 years, the poverty rate for full-time and self-employed workers has remained relatively unchanged. For part-time workers though, there has been an upward trend in the poverty rate. In 2005/06, 17% of part-time workers were in poverty, compared with 22% in 2019/20.

We also see the impact of hours worked by individuals within a family when analysing poverty rates by their work status. It is becoming more and more evident that in many households, all individuals in them must be working full-time hours to avoid falling into poverty.

This shows that part-time work and insufficient hours is one of the drivers behind the increase in in-work poverty. This is concerning as insufficient hours is a characteristic of insecure work and a recent estimate of the propensity of this in the UK labour force is just over one in ten workers.

The data presented here is from our 2022 UK Poverty report, setting out the trends and impacts of poverty across the UK. Read the full report at UK Poverty 2022.