Hours worked by age and gender

15th Jan 2015

Women are less likely to work full-time in all age groups with 44% of women and 16% men working part-time


Source: 2011 Census via NOMIS

Of the 14 million men in work in England and Wales, a total of 2.2 million worked part-time (16%). Older and younger men were more likely to work part-time. In all age groups apart from 16-19, more men worked full-time than part-time. In fact, the most common category for this age group was less than 15 hours worked per week.

Meanwhile, almost 13 million women were in work in England and Wales, 5.6 million of whom were part time (44%). In every 5 year age group between 25 and 55 at least 1.3 million women were in work, but the part-time/full-time balance for each age group varies.

The age group with the highest number of men working part time is 20-24, at 320,000, representing 26% of working men that age. The age group with the highest number of women working part time is 40-44, at 745,000 representing 47% of working women that age.