Low-income households incurring the greatest burden of debt

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Reductions were seen in the proportion of people in high-risk poverty groups who lived in a household where someone said debt was a burden.

The greatest declines were seen for people living in either a household where the household representative (HRP) is sick or disabled (7 percentage points) or a household where the youngest child is aged 5–9 years old (6 percentage points).

Despite a decline of 7 percentage points in the risk of debt being a burden, nearly three-quarters of people in a household where the HRP is sick or disabled still live with someone who said this type of debt is a burden.

It is noteworthy that, despite the decline in risk seen between 2012–14 and 2016/18, all these groups have a higher risk of their household facing a burden of debt than the overall risk faced by all people in low-income households.

The data presented here is from our 2022 UK Poverty report, setting out the trends and impacts of poverty across the UK. Read the full report at UK Poverty 2022.