Non-decent housing in England and Scotland by household income

In England and Scotland, people in the poorest 20% of the population have a higher risk of living in non-decent housing than the rest of the population.

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The standard of dwellings is judged against different criteria across the UK. The Decent Homes Standard is used in England while the Scottish Housing Quality Standard is used in Scotland. The level of ‘non-decent’ housing has decreased over time, but households with lower incomes are more likely to live in dwellings not meeting the standard.

In England, more than a fifth (23%) of the poorest 20% of households live in non-decent housing, compared with 16% of the richest 20%. In Scotland, about 51% of the poorest fifth of households live in non-decent dwellings, compared with 32% of the richest fifth. There is no comparable income breakdown for Wales and Northern Ireland.