Reported poor health by age and poverty level

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The percentage of adults reporting less than good health increases with age.

People living in poverty are more likely to report less than good health than those not living in poverty. People in persistent poverty are even more likely to report poor health.

The health gap between those in poverty and those not in poverty, is not closing.

One in four (25%) of 16 to 34-year-olds living in poverty reported living in less than good health, compared with one in six (15%) of those not living in poverty.

Two in five (48%) of 50 to 64-year-olds living poverty don’t live in good health. This is much higher than for those who do not live in poverty (29%).

The difference in the percentage of adults reporting ill health is smallest for the older age group. This may in part reflect the longer life expectancy of higher income households, who may nevertheless have health issues towards the end of their life.

The data presented here is from our 2022 UK Poverty report, setting out the trends and impacts of poverty across the UK. Read the full report at UK Poverty 2022.