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Education, learning and community in New Earswick

An exploration of the history and development of education, learning and the community in New Earswick, York, since it was founded by Joseph Rowntree in the early 20th century.

Written by:
Barbara Spender et al.
Date published:

This book, which is available to download free, has two main purposes:

  • to look at how some of the ideas that underpinned the creation of the village have worked in practice, and how they are still relevant today; and
  • to celebrate and reflect upon the creation of the Children's Centre within the renovated New Earswick Primary School and the brand new Joseph Rowntree (secondary) School.

The wealth of pictures, information, comment and analysis in this book make it an interesting read for a number of different audiences, including residents of New Earswick and the surrounding area, and people with a more specialist interest in education, community development and social justice from either a historical or contemporary perspective.

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