All About Towns

Tuesday 04 February 2020 -
18:00 to 20:00

A joint event between the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Prospect Magazine.

Following the launch of the Prospect and Joseph Rowntree Foundation led report, "All About Towns: Harnessing Hope in Britain's Communities" we are hosting a panel discussion on “Harnessing hope in Britain’s communities” 4th February in London.

A generation ago the term “inner cities” was code for life on the wrong side of the tracks. Since then, happily, the metropolis has fought back. It’s not just inner London, but also the hearts of Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and other great English cities that have enjoyed a renaissance. While Brexit dominates the headlines, people are deeply concerned about the things that build cohesive communities: good jobs, low crime and quality housing. However, towns like Oldham have seen industrial decline and many of the old jobs go. So what must be done? "All About Towns: Harnessing Hope in Britain's Communities", with contributions from across the political spectrum, calls for much greater devolution to the regions, a proper plan to guide investment to where it is needed and a focus on new economic opportunities”

This event is by invitation only - for more information, please contact Malou Lindholm, Events Manager, at [email protected].