Pre-Budget speech by Sir Vince Cable MP

Westminster, London
Wednesday 24 October 2018 -
10:00 to 11:15

In the week leading up to the Autumn Budget, Sir Vince Cable MP made a major speech on how the Liberal Democrats would tackle in-work poverty and ensure Universal Credit better meets its goal of making work pay.

Ensuring work provides a route out of poverty is a shared goal of political parties across the spectrum.

But with more families locked in poverty despite someone in their household working, in-work poverty is becoming the problem of our age.

A panel of experts responded before taking part in a discussion and audience Q&A. The panel will explored:

  • With Brexit on the horizon, what kind of threat does rising in-work poverty pose?
  • Families with children are more likely to experience in-work poverty, what are the specific challenges this group faces?
  • Where should the balance be struck between tackling longer-term challenges (e.g. low pay, low productivity & lack of progression) and immediate action to boost incomes to buffer against further rises in poverty?
  • How could Universal Credit be redesigned to better meet its goal of making work pay, so it better protects people from working poverty?

The panel was chaired by Laura Hughes, Political Correspondent, Financial Times.

Speakers included:

  • Ed Boyd, Director of Programmes, The Centre for Social Justice
  • Sir Vince Cable MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Campbell Robb, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Katie Schmuecker, Head of Policy and Partnerships, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Will Tanner, Director, Onward

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