The Minimum Income Standard in the pandemic and beyond: practical applications.

Live zoom webinar
Wednesday 14 July 2021 -
11:00 to 12:15

The Minimum Income Standard (MIS) shows us what the British public think households need for an acceptable minimum standard of living and has become an important reference point in analysis of public policy and in applied social practice.

Since its launch in 2008, MIS has been updated annually to reflect changes in costs and in living patterns. In 2021, new research is starting to reflect on the impact of Covid on MIS.

This timely webinar was about the latest MIS findings and about how the research is being applied in practice. The research team presented the latest research on MIS and Covid, and other speakers gave examples of how MIS is being applied by charities, in the legal world and in local government. These practical examples showed the potential of MIS to be used in a range of ways in the future to support decent living standards in the post-Covid era.

Webinar speakers were


  • Adél Schofield, Research Manager, Quantitative, JRF


You can view the full virtual zoom webinar here.

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