Talking about poverty: how can we tell a new story? (London)

Central London
Tuesday 30 January 2018 -
10:30 to 15:00

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the FrameWorks Institute held an event to discuss our new findings on how we can change the way the UK public thinks about poverty.

A fifth of the population, 14 million people, are living in poverty in the UK. Attempts to secure policy change that will improve people's lives are being thwarted by negative public attitudes, unhelpful media narratives and misunderstandings about the issue.

How can we tell a new story that will start to build public and political support for action and change?

Following a two year investigation, the FrameWorks Institute shared brand new findings on how to shift the conversation by talking about poverty in a new way.

Speakers explored the findings of the research and what it means for all organisations working to solve poverty in the UK.

Speakers included:

  • Chair: Abigail Scott Paul, Deputy Director – Communications, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Stephen Armstrong, Freelance Journalist and author of The New Poverty
  • Nicky Hawkins, Communications Strategist, FrameWorks Institute, UK
  • Peter Kelly, Director, The Poverty Alliance
  • Dr Nat Kendall-Taylor, Chief Executive, FrameWorks Institute, USA
  • Campbell Robb, Chief Executive, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Kate Stanley, Director of Strategy, Policy and Evidence, NSPCC

You can download the full programme for the day below.


Talking About Poverty

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