Talking about Poverty

Virtual seminars - Zoom
Tuesday 15 June 2021 - 09:30 to Wednesday 16 June 2021 - 12:00

If you’re working on poverty issues in Wales and want to better engage others in campaigning for change, this event is for you.

Using our voices to build a movement for change.

Have you ever said or written something about poverty and found it doesn’t have the effect you’d hoped for – maybe even the opposite? Are you frustrated that your messages aren’t getting through, and that attitudes and beliefs about poverty never seem to change?

Join JRF and the Bevan Foundation, alongside other social change-makers in Wales, to find out how together we can talk about poverty in a way that can shift the public and political narrative. We’ll share research and experience, showing what the public believe about poverty, the pitfalls we need to avoid, and the opportunities for more positive conversations.

With the start of a new Senedd term upon on us and recovery top of the agenda, this timely event will bring together people from across the sector working on the issues, root causes and consequences of poverty in Wales. The evidence and insights from the FrameWorks UK will help the sector develop a united voice so we can all have the impact we want to solve poverty in Wales.

We are hosting an online event over two mornings, made up of short sessions where speakers will share the approaches they have used to improve understanding of poverty, change the debate and advocate for solutions. Alongside the theory and evidence from our framing research, we’ll provide tips and advice on how to put framing into practice. At the end of the event, you’ll be ready to give it a try for yourself.

The sessions

How can we collectively be a force for change? Communicating for impact

Morning one: Tuesday 15th June 2021, 9:30am – 12:00 midday

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We can work together to change the narrative on poverty in Wales. As a diverse sector, we have a range of concerns and specialisms, but we can achieve more when we work together using tried and tested tools to tell a clear and consistent story about the injustice of poverty.

FrameWorks UK’s research with 20,000 people across the political spectrum has given us crucial insights into public attitudes to poverty in the UK. It shows how we can tap into positive shared values and improve understanding, rather than reinforcing divisive and destructive ideas and beliefs.

In this session JRF will set the scene on what framing is and why it is so important. We will discuss how the public thinks about poverty, how to navigate these different beliefs, and we will show the impact framing is having.

‘Framing’ – words that change minds

Morning two: Wednesday 16th June 2021, 9:30am – 12:00 midday

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This session will cover how we can use framing insights to make deliberate decisions about how we communicate to change the impact of our stories.

We will hear from allies who are already using framing on why it is important to them, why it should form part of more movements, and how it can help us all to be better communicators.

We will then cover the practical aspects of framing, from the use of tested values, metaphors and other techniques enabling us to create content with our audience’s mental shortcuts in mind.

You can download the Programme here