Welfare after the Virus: What will the Pandemic mean for the Future of Welfare Policy?

Online webinar discussion
Sunday 04 October 2020 -
16:30 to 17:30

JRF's Director, Helen Barnard, joined the Centre for Policy Studies fringe event at this year’s Conservative party conference to explore the impact the past seven months has had on the future of UK welfare policy.

Key talking points

Questions explored in the discussion included:

  • How has the welfare system coped so far in supporting people through the pandemic?
  • What are the immediate challenges for the DWP as the economy enters the next phase of the crisis?
  • What long-term impacts might the pandemic have on public attitudes to the welfare system?
  • Will the welfare system be permanently different as a result of the pandemic? (For example, will higher Universal Credit rates be retained? Will social distancing and online working impact on how DWP deliver employment support, assessments etc?)
  • Should welfare reform be on the Government’s agenda once the immediate crisis has eased? What should be the priorities for policy change?

Panellists were:

  • Baroness Stroud, CEO, the Legatum Institute
  • Helen Barnard, Director, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Edward Davies, Policy Director, Centre for Social Justice
  • James Heywood, Head of Welfare and Opportunity, Centre for Policy Studies (Chair)

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