York Festival of Ideas 2019

Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens, York
Friday 14 June 2019 -
11:00 to 20:00

This year's York Festival of Ideas featured inspirational talks, music and films.

Poverty: how can we tell a new story to inspire change?

Discover why poverty can only be addressed when those who experience it first-hand are at the heart of the process.

Join us for inspirational talks, music and films as we introduce the award-winning Beats Bus, the writers and performers who empower people to tell their own stories, and those at the sharp end with lived experience of poverty.

All the sessions on the day are free, for further information and to book your tickets please visit the York Festival of Ideas website.

The day's sessions


Smashing the poverty stigma

11am to 12:30pm

Learn about the challenges young people face today and with the film 'Shared Stories'. Speakers include Nikki Varley and Keiran Cranston of Project Twist-It (a hub for stories about poverty that are hidden from view) and novelist Mahsuda Snaith.

Activism and action

1.30pm to 3pm

Find out about community initiatives to tackle the shame surrounding poverty and make policymakers listen. TV producers and directors Anna Hall and Sally Ogden of True Vision Yorkshire discuss the film 'Fighting Shame', featuring a group of women who use everyday items to tell of the sacrifices and difficult choices they face.

Changing the narrative

3.30pm to 5pm

How do we change the way we talk about poverty? What are the solutions to the challenges we face? Our speakers include Kerry Hudson, author of 'Lowborn'and writers Jodie Russian-Red, Shaun Wilson and Chris McCrudden, who are involved in 'Common People', an initiative to get working class voices into print.

Northern Soul

5.30pm to 8pm

Sean McAllister's documentary, 'A Northern Soul'centres on Steve Arnott's Beats Bus project and presents the reality of life for many working people locked in poverty in Britain today. Join us for a festival film screening, followed by a chance to put your questions to Sean and Steve.

Event collaborators

This event is a collaboration between JRF and The University of York