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A webinar about how to talk about homes

If we are to build a better, more equal society in which everyone can thrive, we must make sure everyone has access to a decent and affordable home.

Zoom webinar

In partnership with the Nationwide Foundation and JRF, FrameWorks’ communications research into housing in the UK focuses on how to build the understanding that our homes are fundamental to our lives.

On 28 February, FrameWorks hosted a webinar that coincides with the launch of a toolkit of practical tips and guidance. The free event was aimed at not only communicators in the housing sector, but anyone who is talking and writing about homes.

FrameWorks will share how people think about homes, and how we can shape a new story – building public understanding and support for solutions which will make our housing system better.

Meanwhile, find out more about how this new communications guidance can support you if you write or talk about the importance of decent and affordable homes, by reading our latest blog from the project lead, Natalie Tate.

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