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Planning for the majority: The needs and aspirations of older people in general housing

A review of how planning and development will need to take into account the requirements of older people.

Written by:
Nigel J W Appleton
Date published:

The ageing of our society presents a range of challenges to housing providers. Not only will there be more older people in coming decades, but their needs and aspirations will also be different. The overwhelming majority of older people live in general housing, and this review focuses upon their situation. Divided into four sections, the report provides a brief overview of some of the key issues in this area.

This is followed by a review of a range of demographic and statistical data and the identification of some key characteristics of the rising generation of older people that may affect their housing situation and housing choices. The third section looks at the characteristics of neighbourhoods and communities that will meet the needs, aspirations and priorities of older people.

Finally the author discusses the implications of current and future requirements of older people in the design and operation of their homes. Planning for the majority highlights the fact that, for many older people, where they choose to live will be increasingly influenced by their lifestyle choices, and these need to be taken into account, together with an awareness of possible future increased frailty and additional needs for health and social care services.


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