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Coronavirus update from JRF

Many are deeply concerned about the fast-moving situation with Coronavirus, and people on low incomes face particular challenges.

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At JRF we know we are a just and compassionate society, and we rely on one another for support in difficult times. Here are the initial steps we are taking to play our part as part of the wider efforts across the community:

  • We will be providing some initial solutions about how people on low incomes can be supported now with the costs and risks exacerbated by Coronavirus. Follow @helen_barnard and @jrf_uk for updates.
  • We will continue to work closely with people with direct experience of poverty to listen to their concerns and be the best possible ally over the coming weeks and months @abigail_scottpaul, @jrf_uk
  • We are working alongside our colleagues in @thejrht to support residents and staff in care and housing, as part of wider community efforts in #york and beyond to support community responses.
  • We are contacting all of our partners and those we contract to support them and understand how this is affecting them, offer support and flexibility in how we work with them.
  • Over the coming months, the UK could be facing a serious economic downturn which could hit people on the lowest incomes hardest. We will be producing analysis and solutions as it is vital this does not plunge more people into poverty.
  • Our intention is to use the resources we have to assist and support this wider global effort. This may mean some of the plans we had need to change – but if you think there are ways @jrf_uk can support the wider community efforts then please get in touch @claire_ainsley, @jrf_uk