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Older people doing it for themselves: Accessing information, advice and advocacy

This study explores and questions the provision of information, advice and advocacy for older people.

Written by:
Laurie Kerr and Vivien Kerr
Date published:

Written and researched by two older people, this report looks at the diversity and breadth of information, advice and advocacy available. It also examines how and whether older people can find out about and manage these services.

The authors reviewed existing literature and mapped current provision in the London Borough of Barnet. Laurie Kerr met with organisations providing services and working with and for older people and also researched good practice initiatives where older people were advocates or the main resource for information and advice. Through discussions with both individuals and groups of older people, the authors investigated older people’s approaches to getting information.

They found a vast amount of information available to older people which older people themselves were unaware of.


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