Income Supplement Scotland

What is the Income Supplement the Scottish Government has committed to introduce to loosen the grip of child poverty?

Scotland is the only country in the UK with far reaching targets in law that aim to effectively eradicate child poverty by 2030.

As part of the Child Poverty Delivery Plan in 2018, the Scottish Government committed to introducing an income supplement via social security as part of their statutory duty to loosen the grip of child poverty.

The Scottish Government has now committed to a Scottish Child Payment that will start to turn the tide on child poverty in Scotland. The Payment will be £10 per week per child and will be rolled-out in full by 2022, with early roll-out for the under sixes in 2021. The process of putting this commitment into action now begins. We will continue our work over the next few months to explore how to make sure the Scottish Child Payment works best for children in Scotland.

Who are we?

JRF is working in collaborating with IPPR Scotland to deliver this work. The project team is: