The election is over, it’s time to deliver for low-income voters

Responding to the Queen’s Speech earlier today, Claire Ainsley, executive director at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said:

“Now the election is over, Boris Johnson must make good on his promise to unleash Britain’s potential. This Queen’s Speech begins a conversation about what is needed to support working families and those parts of our country locked out of economic opportunities. His party now represents areas of our country that have never voted Conservative before and where faith in politics needs to be restored.

“The Government has raised the expectations of voters across the country and must deliver the transformational change they are crying out for. Piecemeal reforms that we have seen in the past will not do justice to the ambition of the campaign. Now ministers have a full term and a comfortable majority they must make better jobs, affordable homes and regional investment a reality. It’s time to get to work on righting the wrong of 14 million people trapped in poverty and unlock opportunities across the country.”