End the injustice of in-work poverty: JRF responds to speech by Amber Rudd

Katie Schmuecker, Head of Policy and Partnerships at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said:

"We know it’s not right that more people are working but find themselves locked in poverty. We welcome the Secretary of State’s vision to create better jobs and to help people get on at work.

"In-work poverty is the biggest challenge facing our economy and for millions of families, low pay has become the norm rather a stepping stone to well-paid work and economic security: five out of six workers fail to escape low paid jobs over a ten year period. So it’s vital on government and businesses work together to end this injustice and ensure work helps families build a better life.

"The government could go further by making changes to Universal Credit so it acts a public service that supports people to get on at work. And we need to see a more ambitious approach to places where low employment and low pay are widespread. This should be the job of the Shared Prosperity Fund - a manifesto commitment, which has been delayed by over a year."