Giving thanks for the work of Mo Roberts

Poverty campaigner Mo Roberts passed away recently after a lifetime of inspiring and supporting others. Claire Ainsley pays tribute to Mo and her legacy.

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Mo Roberts, a remarkable activist from ATD Fourth World who spent a lifetime campaigning for an end to poverty.

Mo was at the forefront of advocating for the genuine participation of people with experience in finding solutions to poverty. The movement that is very much live around this today is something that Mo would have been very proud of, after spending more than 30 years inspiring others to work alongside those who hold deep expertise through their daily struggle against poverty.

With more than three decades of experience in speaking out and encouraging other families to do the same, Mo touched the lives of many and inspired those around her including many people at JRF with whom she had a long-standing relationship spanning many years. She will be a huge loss to civil society and we know she will leave an irreplaceable chasm in the ATD Fourth World community.

At JRF we are committed to continuing the legacy that Mo left, to work alongside people with experience, to amplify their voices and stand as allies alongside them, to bring an end to poverty.

Our thoughts are with Mo's close family and extended family of ATD Fourth World at this difficult time.