Inclusive Growth Commission: Economic growth must reach our small towns and cities

Responding to the RSA Inclusive Growth Commission interim report, Julia Unwin, chief executive of the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation and a member of the Commission, said the UK must promote economic growth benefiting everyone:

“This report provides compelling evidence that if we are serious about sharing prosperity and rebalancing the economy, areas outside the biggest cities must also share in the benefits of investment and devolution in the Autumn Statement. Mayors and town hall leaders must have the powers, incentives and capacity to tackle poverty so they can play their part in making Britain work for everyone.

“Too many of our small towns and cities have been left behind, despite the success of their big city neighbours, while the rapid pace of change in the economy has left too many people without the skills and opportunity to get on in life. We must act to ensure prosperity reaches all corners of the country, and provide everyone the chance to earn a good wage in a secure job.”