Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) response to the Households Below Average Incomes figures

Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of JRF, calls for a comprehensive anti-poverty strategy for the UK

“Today’s figures show that we are not making sufficient progress into tackling high levels of poverty, despite rising employment and economic recovery.  Research conducted for JRF by the Institute for Fiscal Studies forecasts that 2.5 million more people could be in poverty by 2020 unless a joined-up coordinated approach is taken.

“The return to lasting economic growth and long term prosperity will be hampered if we fail to address the levels of poverty in the UK. We know that individual policies which tinker around the edges do not reduce poverty. We need a comprehensive strategy that gets to grips with low pay, the high cost of essentials and reform to the tax and benefits system to ensure work is a route out of poverty.”