JRF responds to IFS report on living standards

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) today responded to a new report on living standards conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and funded by the JRF.

Helen Barnard, Head of Analysis at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“It’s simply not right that working age people with a long-standing illness are about 50% more likely to be trapped in poverty than healthy people.

“It means people with a mental health condition are locked in a daily struggle to make ends meet, with 56 per cent reporting being unable to afford basic items or pay their bills. We know living in poverty can compound mental health problems and people in poverty are much more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

“As a society that believes in justice and compassion, we have a duty to ensure that one misfortune doesn’t worsen another. Anyone can be pulled into poverty by poor physical or mental health. It’s vital that we loosen the grip of poverty on the nation by ensuring everyone can have the security of a home they can afford.”

The full research, supported by JRF, can be read on the Institute for Fiscal Studies website.