JRF responds to PM's levelling up speech

JRF responds to the Prime Minister's 15 July speech on levelling up the country.

Katie Schmuecker, Deputy Director of Policy & Partnerships at JRF said:

“The Prime Minister is right to identify living standards as a key priority to help people flourish. But can a Government that intends to cut the incomes of the poorest families in just a few weeks’ time really claim to be levelling up? Taking money out of the pockets of households that need it most by cutting Universal Credit makes no sense at all, and would suck money out of our recovery in the places that are most likely to struggle.

“Cutting Universal Credit would be a terrible mistake which would pull half a million more people into poverty. It’s not too late for the Prime Minister to change course and keep in place this lifeline which will give people across the country the chance of a better life.”