JRF responds to Young Women’s Trust report on young women’s unpaid work

JRF responds to a new report by the Young Women’s Trust analysing the value and impact of unpaid work done by young women aged 18-30.

Chris Goulden, Deputy Director of Evidence & Impact at the independent Joseph Rowntree Foundation said:

“Recent JRF research found that almost 40% of young female carers live in poverty. This is fundamentally wrong. As a society that values compassion and justice, it is not something we should stand for.

“To loosen the grip of poverty, we need to strengthen our social security system so that it provides the support carers need. This means improving support in the benefits system for people whose ability to work is constrained by caring commitments but who are not eligible for Carer's Allowance. More affordable, flexible childcare options would also free up the number of hours people can work by reducing reliance on informal, unpaid childcare.

“Employers also have vital a role to play in improving flexible employment opportunities for carers in particular and should work alongside government to ensure they and other workers are supported to gain the qualifications they need to succeed and progress in the workplace.”